Welcome to Oils by Naomi!

My life began right here in 1956 at the Kincaid Ranch located on the south half of the Colville Indian Reservation approximately 25 miles SE of Okanogan WA. That area is also sometimes called Little Siberia by the locals, due to the harshness of the winters there.   I grew up during the 1960s and 70s appreciating the freedom of wide open spaces from our wheat fields on the north end of the ranch, the grass and cattle country in the center/SE and the grass hayfields in the SW corner.  This is all dry land ranching at its very best. 

 This is my Dad, Woodrow Kincaid, riding a saddle bronc called Up & Down at the Omak Stampede in 1940 with the famous Suicide Hill in the background.  My heart truly leans towards the beauty and athletics of horses, and I am tremendously thankful that our Lord included them in His creation plan so I could get to draw and paint them.
That night, after my Dads ride, he met my Mom, Elsie Hurd, whom a few months later he married.  Heres a picture of them in the spring of 1941.  They have been a giant inspiration to me, always encouraging me to continually learn and express my creativity through music and art which have dominated my life.  It also certainly helps to have so many right-brain thinking relatives in my life.   So many of them are either artists, musicians, engineers, crafters and much more. 



 I raised my own two awesome children, Olivia Noel-Shrock and Elijah Noel, just up the Okanogan valley at a small border town called Oroville, WA where I still reside.  We roamed the surrounding hills hiking, camping, photographing and always learning about and appreciating the local beautiful landscapes comprising the foothills to the Cascades.
This is the other great love of my life, my husband David Alloway, also this sites web master, who is a continual support and encouragement to my freedom to express and paint what’s in my heart and mind.


This is me having fun and enjoying the journey.  My hopes are that every time someone views or chooses to own my paintings they will catch a glimpse of something better for their life and know that I have prayed for you.  May God bless you, Naomi