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John 17:1-5

Jesus Prays for His Disciples.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:1-5{/zefaniabible}

  1. When Jesus prayed, where did He look?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:1{/zefaniabible}
  2. What did He say to the Father?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:1{/zefaniabible}
  3. What authority had the Father given Him?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:2{/zefaniabible}
  4. Who did Jesus give eternal life to?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:2{/zefaniabible}
  5. What did Jesus say that eternal life is?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:3{/zefaniabible}
  6. Where had Jesus glorified the Father?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:4{/zefaniabible}
  7. What had He finished?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:4{/zefaniabible}
  8. What glory did Jesus have with the Father before the world was?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:5{/zefaniabible}

John 17:6-8

Jesus Prays for His Disciples.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:6-8{/zefaniabible}

  1. What had Jesus manifested to the men whom the Father had given Him?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:6{/zefaniabible}
  2. Whose word had they kept?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:6{/zefaniabible}
  3. What did they know because of His words?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:7{/zefaniabible}
  4. What did they do with those words?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:8{/zefaniabible}
  5. What did they know about where Jesus had come from?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:8{/zefaniabible}

John 17:9-12

Scripture fulfilled.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:9-12{/zefaniabible}

  1. Who did Jesus pray for?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:9{/zefaniabible}
  2. Who do they belong to?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:10{/zefaniabible}
  3. In whom was Jesus glorified?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:10{/zefaniabible}
  4. Why would Jesus no longer be in the world?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:11{/zefaniabible}
  5. Who would keep them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:11{/zefaniabible}
  6. What would they become?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:11{/zefaniabible}
  7. How had Jesus kept them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:12{/zefaniabible}
  8. Who was the only one lost?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:12{/zefaniabible}
  9. Why was the son of perdition lost?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:12{/zefaniabible}

John 17:13-19

Your Word is Truth.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:13-19{/zefaniabible}

  1. Why did Jesus speak these things?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:13{/zefaniabible}
  2. What had Jesus given them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:14{/zefaniabible}
  3. Why did the world hate them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:14{/zefaniabible}
  4. What did Jesus not pray?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:15{/zefaniabible}
  5. What did Jesus pray?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:15{/zefaniabible}
  6. How would they be sanctified?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:17{/zefaniabible}
  7. What is Truth? {zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:17{/zefaniabible}
  8. As the Father sent Jesus, what had Jesus done?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:19{/zefaniabible}
  9. Why did Jesus sanctify Himself?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:19{/zefaniabible}

John 17:20-23

Believe in Me through their word.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:20-23{/zefaniabible}

  1. Who else did Jesus pray for?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:20{/zefaniabible}
  2. How does Jesus want us to be?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:21{/zefaniabible}
  3. How would this affect the world?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:21{/zefaniabible}
  4. What had Jesus given to them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:22{/zefaniabible}
  5. Why did Jesus do this?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:22-23{/zefaniabible}
  6. When we are one in Christ, what does the world know?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:23{/zefaniabible}

John 17:24-26

Before the foundation of the world

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:24-26{/zefaniabible}
  1. What did Jesus desire?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:24{/zefaniabible}
  2. Who fof Jesus and His disciples know?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:25{/zefaniabible}
  3. How had God loved them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 17:26{/zefaniabible}