Blue Flower

Psalm 119:86-89

Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:86-89{/zefaniabible}

  1. What is faithful?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:86{/zefaniabible}
  2. What did David not forsake?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:87{/zefaniabible}
  3. How long are God's word settled for?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:89{/zefaniabible}
  4. Where is His word settled?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:89{/zefaniabible}

Psalm 119:105-107

The entirety of Your word is truth.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:105-107{/zefaniabible}

  1. How is the Word of God described in this passage?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:105{/zefaniabible}
  2. What can revive us?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:107{/zefaniabible}

Psalm 119:159-162

The entirety of Your word is Truth.

{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:159-162{/zefaniabible}

  1. What should we love? {zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:159{/zefaniabible}
  2. How much of His word is truth? {zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:160{/zefaniabible}
  3. How long will His judgments endure?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:160{/zefaniabible}
  4. How should we feel about God Word?{zefaniabible text nkjv}Psalm 119:162{/zefaniabible}