Blue Flower

John 5:41-47

But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?

{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:41-47{/zefaniabible}

  1. Who did Jesus not receive honor from?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:41{/zefaniabible}

  2. What did Jesus know about them?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:42{/zefaniabible}

  3. When Jesus came in His Father's name, what did they not do?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:42{/zefaniabible}

  4. Who would they receive?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:43{/zefaniabible}

  5. Why could the Pharisees not believe?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:44{/zefaniabible}

  6. Who is the one who would accuse them before the Father?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:45{/zefaniabible}

  7. If they really believed Moses, why would they have believed in Jesus?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:46{/zefaniabible}

  8. If a person does not believe the writings of Moses, what else will they not believe?{zefaniabible text nkjv}John 5:47{/zefaniabible}